Don’t let writer’s block get the best of you

We’ve all experienced those times when it’s hard to get words down on paper. It seems like you become distracted with a million thoughts that never mattered before you sat down to write. Just know you’re not alone, you’ve just entered a state of writer’s block. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, writer’s block is a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece.

Unfortunately, writer’s block doesn’t have a criteria of the kind of person, time or assignment; when it hits, it hits.

Top 5 most frustrating things about experiencing writer’s block:

  • It always seem to happen when we’re on a tight deadline,
  • Nothing you put down ever seems good enough to be in the final draft,
  • There seems to be no existing examples that relate to your topic,
  • “I can’t write” (Person enters a black hole of self doubt that doesn’t help them be inspired or complete task),
  • The only way to overcome writer’s block is to write!

You may be thinking, isn’t the name of this site Writers Block, why yes it is!

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