Research, Then Write…

The first thing that most people do when a project has been assigned is look for either a page requirement or criteria of things that are supposed to be included. The next thing that typically happens is that they read a line that says for any questions please contact Mr./Ms. Doe.

This is not a throw away line, and in my experience, people tend to decline the opportunity to ask those additional questions. I assure you this act alone is one way to save time and future headaches on any project.

The key to any successful project is demonstrating that you are well-informed about the topic. There are times when people stumble through presentations and papers, by talking in circles or having disjointed talking points. These situations can be avoided by taking a little time to do some research.

TIP: Research does not always have to be found in a traditional hardback book.

For example, informal conversations, YouTube videos, podcasts, journals, magazines and other online resources can be used as credible sources to guide the writer in the right direction.

I encourage anyone to take time to do a little digging before starting their next paper or project. Not only would it help the writer feel more confident in the final project, but it also another trick to overcome writer’s block.

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