Whip up some holiday motivation: Write about the things you enjoy

Groceries bought.

Chores done.

Playlist uploaded.

Tree decorated and lit.

For the party planners, the holiday season has to be the perfect amount of everything. The effort, coordination and focus that is needed to accomplish these tasks cannot be measured by the one’s physical strength.

For many apparent reasons, this holiday season is different from any other. Some of us will be visiting with family members virtually, and others have cancelled travel plans in effort to slow the spread of this global pandemic. These factors have contributed to a lack of motivation to do anything outside of mere survival.

I encourage you all to take a little time to write about the things you enjoy and look forward to doing once the time and circumstances permit.

Writing can be used to express yourself in an authentic way, as well as a healthy coping mechanism. In times like these, we can all use a safe outlet of expression.

Happy Holidays to all!

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