Be a trendsetter this Summer – Ready. Set. Plan.

Getting ready for a new season can seem like a school project that is due at the end of the year. We must do some research, we must gather the best results and directly apply them on to our lives.  We all have different agendas, hobbies, lifestyle etc. This article will discuss tips on how to prepare for the Summer. We will explore everything from making sure we are dressed to impress to best practices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

1- Get active  

We should try to maintain a healthy body not just in the Summer, but throughout the year. In the Summer, it becomes more of a priority because there are more outdoor activities, opportunities to travel and trails to explore. If your winter has been filled with Netflix, and savory foods, I recommend starting small. Begin taking short walks to the park, riding bikes, doing home exercises, or even parking your vehicle a little further to explore parts of the MKT and Katy trails.

In Downtown CoMo, we have various options for fitness/exercises. Check out their website for more information:  

2- Take time for you and your mental

For some of us, this time of the year can be really busy because we are all so consumed with getting things done so we can finally rest. If you’re anything like me, we tend to push ourselves to the maximum level at work, school, home or with other projects that really take more of our time. In Downtown CoMo, we have plenty of places that can help you add some Zen in your life. Taking a mental break is crucial to having a great summer. So read a new book, get a new hobby, or do anything that takes your mind off your daily activities/duties. 

If you find yourself wondering where to start your mental break here are a few options:

3- Plan your next adventure

Having a great body along with a healthy mind, leads to a successful lifestyle. Planning is third on the list because Summer is short, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fill it with lots of entertainment. We all know that activities like festivals, carnivals, road trips, can require great amount of planning.  Check out these upcoming events happening right here in Downtown CoMo: 

4- Summer Trends

Downtown CoMo is a great place to seek out some of the trendy styles you crave. For any fashion lover, we just know every season comes with a new thing. It can be something so simple as the seasonal color of the year, the heel style we are currently obsessed with and so on. Ladies, I think we can all agree that neon green is everyone’s favorite color this Summer, and let’s just say, it’s here to stay. The color is gender neutral, perfect for day activities, pool parties and even night out on the town. We are also currently obsessing over purple, some pastel colors for high heels and lots of sparkles. Downtown CoMo has great places to shop around, here is a list of places we recommend you visit if/when looking for new trends:

I hope you find this article helpful! Enjoy your Summer. 

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